music video treatment writing 

In collaboration with creative photographer and RCA art director, Jasper Soloff (GQ, Vogue, Paper) actively ideates and writes music video treatments for both established and emerging musical artists. 


Sample treatment below: 

Camera opens up to a bright pink, surreal room. The space is bright, thick with saturated color and brushed with yellow light.  There is a bright blue sky with tufts of creamy clouds and floor with lush green grass. The space is covered in flowers - tall, golden sunflowers stalking up and out, hot pink hydrangeas bustle together at artist's feet, starkly white daisies spring out of the wall. Artist stands in the center of the room dressed in light pink, her face framed in a beaming light, her skin sparkling like a crystal chandelier.  The room exudes joy but as the camera focuses on artist's face performing to the camera we start to see more anxiety riddled within her eyes.  As the lyrics, move forward and we learn more about the tension within, the room starts to darken - the bright yellow light shifts to mustard, the aqua blue sky darkens to navy, the grass shifts to brown mud, the flowers curls into themselves and lose color and shape. The darkening of the space will reflect artist's "brain waves out of control." The lights will radiate in a pulsing motion to reflect the "pounding of her heart."  The camera will zoom in on artist's breath - shortening and stiffening as she suffers. By the end of the song, the room has completely darkened and we see artist has not moved from same space in the center of the room.  The lights dim completely and we fade out. 

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